Statistic, Analysis, Training and Handicap management software for golf players<br>Statistik, Analyse, Training und Handicapverwaltungsoftware für Golfspieler.
Statistic, analysis, training and handicap management for golfers!
Are you looking for answers to one of the following questions?
  • How can I find out the strenghts and weaknesses of my game?
  • On which holes do I usually win or lose shots?
  • How many shots did I lose in my short and long game?
  • How can I optimize my training to get the best improvement within shortest time?
  • Where does the trend of my game go - where do I get better?
myGolfCoach will answer them all! Learn more about your game and optimize your training using professional help!
Based on your input myGolfCoach calculates numerous trend analyses of several parts of your game and shows you the results in easy-to-understand graphics. Try this new feature and you will see your game from a different point of view!
Current Version
The most recent version is myGolfCoach 5.5.04. As owner of myGolfCoach 5.0 you can download this free update using the function 'Update information' in the myGolfCoach 'Help' menu. Benefit from the numerous improvements and innovations in the actual version!

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