Statistic, Analysis, Training and Handicap management software for golf players<br>Statistik, Analyse, Training und Handicapverwaltungsoftware für Golfspieler.
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The actual version is myGolfCoach 5.5.04.
myGolfCoach is available in all well sorted pro shops. If your local pro shop ran out of myGolfCoach you can order myGolfCoach here. Please accomplish the steps described below to place your order.
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Professional versions includes free updates to the latest release myGolfCoach 5.5.04 and future major releases.
To update myGolfCoach use the function 'Update informations' in the 'Help' menu.
myGolfCoach 5.5 - Professional as download
version at the price of US$ 39.00
myGolfCoach 5.0 - Professional on CD-ROM
at the price of US$ 53.00
plus shipping and handling.
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